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T-80 BV Main Battle Tank Model built from Lego parts

Product Description


Includes 737 genuine new-condition LEGO bricks elements

This model comes disassembled and includes complete printed building instructions 


9 printed tiles

every tank has it`s own unique number printed on tile

place for minifigure

dimentions: Length: 18 cm; Width: 9 cm; Height: 6 cm



The T-80BV is an upgrade version of the T-80B which entered in service with the Russian armed forces in 1985. 

The main armament of the T-80BV consists of one 125mm 2A46 smoothbore gun which can fire a full range of ammunition including APFSDS (Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding - Sabot), HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank), HE-Frag (High Explosive Fragmentation) and training.  

An original design by Vladimir Golubev



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